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Education - Prevention New Arrivals

Teen Intervene Teen Intervene

Teen Intervene , the NEW third edition, now includes a full screening, brief intervention, and referral to treatment (SBIRT) model.  Teen Intervene  was updated to focus on alcohol, marijuana and tobacco use, but is applicable to any substance use disorder. Proven to reduce alcohol and marijuana usage both 6- and 12-months past intervention, Teen Intervene  now also includes the impactful Youth and Drugs of Abuse video that features true accounts of how alcohol and other drug use has impacted young people. Teen Intervene is an effective tool for anyone working with youth in many settings, including: school counselors/health professionals, social workers, psychologists, youth treatment service providers, and juvenile justice professionals.

Item 2330

Lifelines, A Suicide Prevention Program Lifelines®, A Suicide Prevention Program

Educate students on the facts about suicide and students’ role in suicide prevention with this evidence-based program. Training materials for faculty and staff provide accurate and practical guidance on how to identify and refer students who might  be at risk for suicide. Includes a presentation for parents.

Item 2759

Lifelines Intervention, Helping Students at Risk for Suicide Lifelines® Intervention, Helping Students at Risk for Suicide

This evidence-based whole-school program fully prepares teachers, staff, and students to address and respond to threats or signs of suicide – before it's too late.

Item 3843

Lifelines Postvention, Responding to Suicide and Other Traumatic Death Lifelines® Postvention, Responding to Suicide and Other Traumatic Death

Educate everyone in the school community about how to successfully respond to any type of death or traumatic event that profoundly affects a school population with this evidence-based program. Included are a facilitators guide and a CD-ROM of reproducible materials.

Item 2873

Safe Dates, An Adolescent Dating Abuse Prevention Curriculum Safe Dates, An Adolescent Dating Abuse Prevention Curriculum

Reduce incidents of teen dating violence in middle and high school with this evidence-based curriculum, that uses stories and role plays on current topics to engage students. Safe Dates is a comprehensive model proven to show a 56 – 92 percent decrease in physical and sexual dating violence. Includes an implementation manual and CD-ROM with reproducible materials.

Item 9863

Behavioral Health - Treatment New Arrivals

The Relapse Prevention Program, An Evidence-Based Approach The Relapse Prevention Program, An Evidence-Based Approach

This evidence-based program delivers the widely-used Marlatt Model in a format that is effective, easy to facilitate, and very affordable. Included are a facilitator guide, client guides and worksheets for each of the nine core skills that are addressed in the Marlatt Model: High Risk Factors, Negative Feelings, Cravings, Pleasant Emotions, Physical Discomfort or Illness, Testing Personal Control, Social Pressure to Drink Alcohol or Use Other Drugs, Having Fun with Others, and Conflict with Others.

Item 2350

Recovery Basics, Starting Strong and Keeping It Going Recovery Basics, Starting Strong and Keeping It Going

Being well-prepared during the transition from addition to recovery is key to avoiding relapse. Smooth that transition for your clients with this inspirational video hosted by real people in recovery. Included are six 30-minute video and fact sheet collections that address: Starting Your Recovery, Preventing Relapse, Managing Your Day, Managing Thoughts and Feelings, Building Healthy Relationships, Keeping It Going.

Item 2420

Healthy Sexual Relationships In Recovery Healthy Sexual Relationships In Recovery

This impactful 90-minute video, divided into easy-to-navigate chapters and segments, helps start conversations that answer some important questions for people in recovery: What is a healthy sexual relationship? What are common issues I will likely face? What is relationship abuse? How does recovery fit in with sexual relationships? How can I take care of my sexual health? Featured in the video are experts and those in recovery who have profound words of wisdom, hope and encouragement to share with others.

Item 2465

Confident Parenting In Recovery Confident Parenting In Recovery

Coming home as a person in recovery affects the whole family – especially children. This compelling 90-minute video, divided into easy-to-navigate chapters and segments, examines parenting styles, child development, parenting basics, how to parent in recovery, and how a parent’s addiction is oftentimes a traumatic experience for children. Family and parenting experts, along with people in recovery, share their insights and experiences in hopes that others in recovery will grow in confidence and become the best parents they can be.

Item 2485


Everyday Recovery New Arrivals - consumer

Not As Prescribed Not As Prescribed

The older adult population is growing by leaps and bounds. Dramatic lifestyle changes, along with growing health problems, have led many to turn to alcohol, prescription painkillers, and marijuana to medicate their physical and psychological pain. You may think, Dad is just enjoying cocktails and retirement, or Mom still has pain and needs her pills. Maybe so, but consider that an estimated 17 percent of people age sixty and older struggle with substance misuse and addiction. Older adults are now hospitalized as often for alcohol-related problems as they are for heart attacks.
In this book, Dr. Haroutunian, physician director of the Licensed Health Professionals Program at the Betty Ford Center, provides you with the information needed to understand the dynamics of addiction in older adults

Item 4826

Missing Peace Puzzle Missing Peace Puzzle

Finish this Missing Peace Puzzle to find a symbol of hope and an inspirational message. This puzzle features a natural unity symbol created from colorful rocks and the first verse of the Serenity Prayer. Complete this puzzle by yourself or with friends and family as an accomplishment and reminder of the peace and serenity in your life.

Item 4748

Wall Plaque Serenity Prayer Wall Plaque Serenity Prayer

Place this inspiring wooden plaque on your wall so you'll be reminded throughout the day to find serenity and peace. "God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can and wisdom to know the difference."

Item 2941

Easy Does It Mobius Necklace Easy Does It Mobius Necklace

This unique, beautiful necklace reminds you to let go and let God direct your path with those words elegantly engraved on the 3/4" circular pendant. Chain and pendant both made of sterling silver, chain measures 18".

Item 2901

Reduce Craving Reduce Craving

Everyone experiences cravings. Most are harmless, but for some, cravings can become habitual and negatively impact health, well-being, and happiness. Sometimes cravings are signs that you may need professional help, but often, you can learn to manage and overcome your cravings.

Item 7699