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Addiction recovery is stronger when family members are involved. Addiction is a disease that affects the entire family. Parents and siblings experience consequences of their loved one's alcohol or other drug use just as much as the young people themselves.

Addictgion recovery is stronger when family members are involved.A

Studies show that recovery is stronger and more effective when family members are educated and involved in the addiction recovery process. At Hazelden, we involve parents and siblings in that process.

The Parent Program educates parents and caregivers about alcohol and drug addiction and its effects on the entire family. It provides a foundation of education, support and practical tools to empower parents as they journey on the path of family recovery.

The support from other parents in similar situations, combined with the licensed professionals, provides a positive and affirming experience. The program is open to all parents, whether or not their child is currently in alcohol or drug addiction treatment at Hazelden.

Through lectures, videos, small-group discussions with other parents and a family conference with their child, parents gain knowledge and practical skills to support the addiction recovery process. Parents will:

Transportation and Lodging

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Support for Parents

Hazelden provides support to the parents of young people in addiction treatment

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  • The Parent Program is offered weekly. To schedule a time to participate contact the Hazelden Counselor that is working with your son, daughter or sibling.
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