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Upcoming COR12 Leadership Training and Registration.

As the premier publisher and distributor of evidence-based curricula, Hazelden understand the importance of achieving the outcomes you expect. We can help you with your organizational implementation to assure you meet or exceed the original research results. Hazelden program implementation training for your staff will not only provide continuing education hours that can be used toward a professional licensure or re-certification, but will bring everyone to the same understanding of how to implement the curriculum, provide better outcomes for implementation and help to sustain the services you provide.

These key concepts guide Hazelden's training philosophy

"We learned it by doing it. The training was very effective."
 --a Project Northland training attendee

"The training was taught in an interactive manner that was easy to follow. I was not bored at all."
 --a Protecting You/Protecting Me training attendee

"Laid-back and fun yet very educational."
 --a Project Northland training attendee

"Very dynamic speaker with a true passion in his work."
 --a Treatment Efficacy for Juveniles training attendee 

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