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Recovering My Kid

Parenting Young Adults in Treatment and Beyond

by Joseph Lee, M.D., Medical Director, Hazelden Youth Services

Recovering My Kid - Parenting Young Adults in Treatment and BeyondAre you worried about how you can create a safe and supportive environment for a loved one during or after treatment?

National expert Dr. Joseph Lee explains the nature of youth addiction and treatment, and how families can create a safe and supportive environment for their loved ones during treatment and throughout their recovery.

Raising a child is tough as it is, but when your kid becomes addicted to alcohol or other drugs, it can feel as if you're living a nightmare. You're not alone. In Recovering My Kid, Dr. Joseph Lee, the medical director for Hazelden Youth Services, takes worried, confused, and angry parents by the hand and addresses their most pressing questions and fears:What happens when my child returns home from treatment? How can my family support his or her recovery? What if my child relapses? How can my family get well again?

Getting your child and your family well again requires the support and understanding of the whole family, even if feelings and trust were damaged. In his engaging and straightforward style, Lee explains the difficult concepts of addiction, treatment, and recovery in a way parents and families can understand, and he gives them concrete strategies they can put into practice.

This book will help family members begin to understand what their loved one is going through and how they can help the addict adjust to a clean-and-sober life while still taking care of themselves.

Q & A with Dr. Joseph Lee about youth addiction and recovery, family culture, setting emotional boundaries and more.

Dr. Joseph LeeDr. Joseph Lee is the medical director of Hazelden's Plymouth, Minnesota, campus for youth. Drawing on his expertise in medicine, individual and family therapy, Twelve Step models, and the evaluation and treatment of adolescents, Lee works with teenagers and young adults from ages fourteen to twenty-five who are struggling with addiction to alcohol or other drugs. Because of his extensive knowledge of youth and addiction, Lee is a favorite commentator in the national media and has been featured on The Dr. Oz Show, WCCO, and NPR, and in the Wall Street Journal.

Softcover, 5-3/8" x 8-3/8", 248 pp.
ISBN 978-1-61649-264-9
Item #4693

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