Although children in the earliest elementary grades are generally against substance abuse, the risk for alcohol and other drug use increases when they enter grade 6. It is therefore imperative that educators reach children in grades 1-5 before they have fully shaped their attitudes and opinions about alcohol use.

Evidence-based and interactive, Protecting You/Protecting Me (PY/PM) teaches young students, grades 1-5, how their brains work and how alcohol puts their brains in danger. Developed by MADD®, this curriculum series also equips students with safety skills to refuse a ride or to stay safe if they must ride with an alcohol-impaired driver.


Grade 1 Curriculum

Grade 2 Curriculum

Grade 3 Curriculum

Grade 4 Curriculum

Grade 5 Curriculum

Grade 1-5 Curriculum Collection

Project Northland, an alcohol use prevention curriculum for grades 6-12, is based on the most rigorous alcohol-use prevention trial ever funded by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA).

Project Northland is proven effective in delaying and reducing alcohol use among adolescents by integrating classroom activities, parent involvement, peer leadership, and community support.


Program Guide
Provides guidance in implementing Project Northland. Includes a program overview DVD.

Slick Tracy Curriculum
Typically used in sixth grade. Focuses on student and parent activities to address alcohol use. Includes engaging comic books in English and Spanish.

Slick Tracy Comic Books (reorder)
$79.00 for a set of 30 copies each of 4 comic books

Amazing Alternatives Curriculum
Typically used in seventh grade. Focuses on alcohol use among peers. Includes peer leadership, group activities and engaging audiotapes.

Power Lines Curriculum
Typically used in eighth grade. Focuses on alcohol use and the community. Includes peer leadership and community projects.

Project Northland 3 Curriculum Collection

Project Northland 3 Curriculum Collection Plus Program Guide

 Class Action Audio Album of 8 CD's 2nd Edition

Class Action Audio Album of 8 CD's 2nd Edition

Album containing 8 Audio CD's. Item: 3949  $59.95 Each

Class Action Audio Album of 8 CD's 2nd Edition

Class Action Implementation Collection 2nd Edition - A High School Alcohol Use Prevention Curriculum

Class Action is the high-school component to Project Northland, Hazelden's evidence-based alcohol prevention program. Item: 3988  $595.00 Each

 Class Action Audio Album of 8 CD's 2nd Edition

Class Action Classroom Pack of 8

Includes 48 casebooks (6 of each title). Item: 3989  $425.00 Each

Hazelden Evidence-Based Prevention Resources for K

More Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention Resources

Legal Consequences of Alcohol and Other Drugs DVD
23-minute DVD geared to students in grades 6-12. Illustrates the real-world consequences of alcohol use.

  Teen Intervene
Evidence-based, brief intervention AOD program for teens. Includes 2-3, one-hour sessions with facilitator guide and student handouts.

Teen Alcohol & Other Drug Use: Knowing the Signs and What to Do About Them
23-minute DVD designed for parents and educators. Explains the signs of AOD abuse and practical intervention strategies.

Hazelden Prevention DVD Series
Award-winning DVDs that address common drugs, such as marijuana, prescription drugs, club drugs, meth, etc.
$1,095 for nine DVDs; can also order them individually.

Minnesota Smoking Prevention Program
Evidence-based tobacco prevention curriculum for grades 4-12. Involves peer leaders, group activities and games.

Circle of Hope
Program for children growing up in chemically dependent families. For students in grades K-6 with facilitator guide and student workbooks.

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