• 7 p.m., Friday, May 8 to noon, Sunday, May 10, 2020



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Optimal Recovery: Let's Try Something New

Center City, MN

DARC 2020 Weekend Retreat


This retreat is devoted to exploring the essential components and attitudes that produce emotional health and optimal recovery. An acclaimed psychologist and recovery author, Berger is known for fostering an atmosphere that encourages authenticity and a "let's try something new" attitude in order to help each person at the retreat discover new possibilities in their recovery. Past participants have described his retreats as engaging, enlightening and life-changing.


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Fred Holmquist

Allen Berger, PhD, is a psychotherapist who has written extensively about the experience of recovery, emotional sobriety and the psychological forces operating within the Twelve Steps. He is the author of 12 Stupid Things That Mess Up Recovery, 12 Hidden Rewards of Making Amends, 12 Smart Things to Do When the Booze and Drugs Are Gone and 12 More Stupid Things That Mess Up Recovery. 

Dan Anderson Renewal Center
15251 Pleasant Valley Rd.
Center City, MN 55012

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