Our National Outreach sales representatives are ready to help you in the lifesaving work you do. They're knowledgeable in Hazelden products and well-versed in the needs of prevention, treatment, mental health and criminal justice providers. And they'll listen to your needs, ask questions about your practice, and suggest products that could fit your practice. They can also help you customize a complete solutions package that will include curriculum, training and assistance in grant opportunities.
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Mark Cummings
Executive Director Publishing Sales and Market Development

Phone: 651-213-4487
FAX: 651-213-4044

Lisa Lessard
Director of Publishing Sales
1-800-328-9000, ext. 4654
FAX: 651-213-4044

Bobby Christensen
Manager of Sales Support and Account Management
1-800-328-9000, ext. 4909
FAX: 651-213-4044

Jill Grindahl
Director Consumer Sales and Marketing
1-800-328-9000, ext 4044
FAX: 651-213-4044.

Steve Manganiello
Sales Manager - Central Region
Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Iowa, Wisconsin
1-800-328-9000, ext 4688
FAX: 651-213-4044.

Jack G. Hartman
Sales Manager - Northeast Region
New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, West Virginia, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Delaware, Rhode Island
1-800-328-9000, ext 4661
FAX: 651-213-4044.

Kevin Schroeder
Sales Manager - Southeast Region - Higher Education and MyStudentBody
Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Colorado, Georgia, Maryland, South Carolina, Alabama, Washington DC
1-800-328-9000, ext 4644
FAX: 651-213-4044.

Debra Hemphill
Sales Manager - Northwest Region
Minnesota, Texas, Washington, Missouri, Alaska, Oregon, Wyoming, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Idaho
1-800-328-9000, ext 4937
FAX: 651-213-4044.

Christine Massey
Sales Manager - West Region
California, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, New Mexico, Arkansas, Hawaii
1-800-328-9000, ext 4923
FAX: 651-213-4044.

Jody Klescewski
International Sales and Consumer Distributors
1-800-328-9000, ext 4731
001+651+213-4200, ext.4731
FAX: 651-213-4044.

Bobby Christensen
Manager of Sales Support and Account Management
1-800-328-9000, ext 4909
FAX: 651-213-4044.

Charlene (Char) Gustafson
Supervisor of Account Mgmt
1-800-328-9000, ext 4466
FAX: 651-213-4044.

Rondalee Medina
Account Manager
1-800-328-9000, ext 4801
FAX: 651-213-4044.

Helen Al Said
Account Managern
1-800-328-9000, ext 4215
FAX: 651-213-4044

Timothy Balow
Digital Solutions
1-800-328-9000, ext 4767