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Family Core Education and Skills Workshop


Family Core Education and Skills Workshop (previously call The Family Program) is intended to support anyone (families, parents, partners/spouses, friends, or support persons) that know someone who struggles with substance use and/or co-occurring mental health concerns. Through a combination of live virtual interactive educational presentations, Q&A, peer feedback, breakout groups and workshops participants will have opportunities to apply new skills and start their healing journey. 


Family Core Education Program (9:00 am - 12:15 pm Central) provides foundational education to support your healing journey. This can be done with the workshops consecutively or separately. Through live interactive facilitated presentation, families will gain insights and skills about:

  • Substance use disorder and its impacts on the family. It is highly recommended that you watch our substance use educational video prior to attending this program as this program starts with a Q&A session regarding this content. You can find that video here.
  • How families/support people are impacted and their reactions to the substance use and behaviors.
  • Brief Introduction to effective communication and boundary skills


Skills Workshops (1:00 pm - 4:15 pm Central) provides foundational educational workshops geared towards boundaries and communication skills. These workshops can be repeated as many times as it necessary for your learning process (you can continue to return using the same link that will be emailed to you the day prior to the program you registered for):


  • Further education on boundaries and communication.
  • Guided workshop to support the application of skills.
  • Breakout groups and processing for peer and facilitator feedback to clarify boundaries and communication.
  • Attending more than once is encouraged, while it is the same information that is presented each time, the skills can be supportive in addressing different situation as they come up. Please register for when you plan on attending again as this helps us plan accordingly. 


**These two sections can be done consecutively on the same day or on separate days. You will indicate when you register which section you plan on attending. If attending on separate days, registration is required for both. 


Please click here to view the Terms and Conditions for Participating. When you are registering, you will be asked to agree to these Terms and Conditions. If you have further questions, please feel free to email. 

Virtual Format: 
All sessions are presented live, virtually via Webex. To download the Webex app, click here
Registration and What to Expect: 
  • Participants often include parents of all ages, spouses/partners, friends, and any support person. We strive to provide a safe space where you can share, connect with others and learn valuable education to support the start of your healing journey! 
  • Click Register Online (also above to the left of the page) to register. You will be emailed the meeting link and information the day prior to the date you registered for, by 5 pm CST.
  • After clicking "submit registration", you will receive a generic confirmation email. If you do not receive this, please try registering again and clicking that final step of "submit registration. If you would like to confirm your registration, please email
  • Please have a device with a camera/microphone as participation and questions are encouraged in this program as they add depth and personalization of the information provided.
  • If you are a student learner or observer participating, we ask that you ensure that the space is reserved for families to share and ask questions and follow up with facilitators for questions and clarification. Thank you!
Dates and Times:
Both services are offered one after the other and can be done back-to-back or done on different days. They run several days during the week and some Saturdays. Once you click on "Register Online" You will be able to select the date that works for you then what part of the program you plan on attending.
Other Family Services: 
  • If you have a child between the ages of 7-12, please click here to pre-register for the children's services. 
  • If you have an adolescent between the ages of 13 and 17, please click here to register for the adolescent educational program.
  • For Family Coaching, please click here.
  • For Mental Health Services, please click here


For questionsemail us at


Your facilitators are all credentialed family professionals with Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation's Virtual Family Program.



Harnessing science, love and the wisdom of lived experience, we are a force of healing and hope for individuals, families and communities affected by substance use and mental health conditions.

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