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Children's Program- Betty Ford Center

Rancho Mirage, CA


Super Hero Children


Kids need to know they're not the cause of their parent's alcohol or drug addiction. They also need skills for making their own healthy choices. That's what we teach—and we make it fun.

The Children's Program blends learning and play through developmentally appropriate content and activities. With the care and guidance of highly trained counselors, children get to know one another through fun group activities. Kids are also empowered to express themselves in healthy ways. 

Our award-winning Children's Program provides support, education and care to kids who grow up in a family with alcohol or other drug addiction. Children participate in programming on site, over several consecutive days at our locations in Center City, Minnesota; Denver, Colorado; and Rancho Mirage, California.


If you are interested in participating:
1. Please pre-register via the link at the top of the page.
2. A team member from the Children's Program will contact you after they receive your pre-registration information for next steps in enrollment.

Please Note: Pre-registration does not constitute final registration for programming. To follow-up on your pre-registration status or for any questions please email:

*To participate in our family programs, we ask you to agree to the terms and conditions of our Children's Program. You are able to review these here.



Harnessing science, love and the wisdom of lived experience, we are a force of healing and hope for individuals, families and communities affected by substance use and mental health conditions.

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