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"It's healthy, wise and loving to be considerate and responsive to the feelings and needs of others."
  -- The Language of Letting Go

James BarryThose who Mind Don't Matter and Those who
Matter Don't Mind

As a gay man who came out in the early '70s, there are few words to describe the joy - even the pride - of inclusion.

Recovery Matters -- Hazelden News

Brenda IliffMen (and women) and the Secret Life of Other Addictions

How could it be that we are in recovery yet still have an active addiction?   

Recovery Matters -- Hazelden News

Cognitive Improvement and Alcohol Recovery  

What happens to alcoholics in recovery? Can damage caused by heavy drinking ever be reversed?   

Recovery Matters -- Hazelden News

My Thinning YearsMy Thinning Years: Starving the Gay Within

As a child, Jon tried desperately to be his father's version of the all-American boy, denying his gayness in a futile attempt to earn the love and respect of an abusive man.

Recovery Matters -- Hazelden News

Tommy RosenEveryone Drinks: Why Shouldn't I?

"Consider this: Choosing to take any action based upon the idea that everyone's doing it does not often turn out well." Read more from Tommy Rosen, host of Recovery 2.0, a free online health and wellness-focused conference sponsored by the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, in progress and available now.

Recovery Matters -- Hazelden News

Community Events
Susan E. Riley Auditorium Dedication, CA, Jun 19
Recovery Cup and Tennis Tournament, MN, Jun 22
AA International Convention, GA, Jul 2-5
Graduate School Twin Cities Informational Event, MN, Jul 20
Recovery Ride, MN, Aug 22

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Alumni Events
Baggage & Boundaries, MN, Jul 12
Dia Linn Alumni Reunion, MN, Jul 16-19
Ice Cream Social and 21st Annual Reunion, OR, Jul 17-18

Honest, Open and Willing Workshop, CA, Aug 8
A Couple's Way, MN, Aug 9

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Renewal Center Retreats
Running and Recovery, Jun 26-28  
We Will Live Intuitively, Jul 3-5
Buddhism and Addiction Recovery, Jul 10-12 
The Secret Life of Other Addictions, Jul 24-26 
The Healing Power of Twelve Step Principles, Jul 31-Aug 2 

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