Winner of the White House
Behavioral Health Patient Empowerment Challenge!*

Field Guide to Life AppMobile MORE® Field Guide to Life, a groundbreaking three-volume app designed to engage you in a full year of recovery support.


* Winner of the White House Behavioral Health Patient Empowerment Challenge

* Listed in Top Ten Book Apps (paid category), Jan. 2012 --Mediabistro

* "Vital for those needing additional support and guidance..." --Laptop Magazine

* "Helps those in recovery stay on their path with tools and inspiration on the go..."  --Appolicious Advisor

* "For people new to recovery to the millions of people who wish to renew their recovery." --Yahoo News

* Based on Hazelden's evidence-based MORE program, which is proven to help people in recovery.

Born from My Ongoing Recovery Experience (MORE), a web-based program of personalized continuing care provided by Hazelden to our clients, the Field Guide to Life app offers the best of this program to the entire sober community. Compatible with Apple and Android devices, this ingenious app teaches you the essential skills connected to core recovery principles, helping you evolve in your sobriety.

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Overview of Field Guide App

 The Basics App
        Steps 1-3
 Owning It App
        Steps 4-9
 The New You App
       Steps 10-12

In working through each of the Field Guide to Life's three volumes, you progress through the stages of early recovery over the course of a year. The Field Guide to Life app is rich with innovative functions based on best practices in supporting recovery, including

A. Daily Guidance and Inspiration

Each day, a new message of guidance is delivered in a sequence designed to support your current phase in recovery. Each message is then followed by a related activity to help you engage even further in your recovery journey. Each entry then ends with an inspirational thought for the day.



B. Weekly Sober Challenges

Each volume of the Field Guide to Life includes several one- to two-minute video challenges. Each new challenge compels you to complete an activity that drives positive change. A weekly pop-up alert reminds you to knock a new challenge off your list. Videos feature a variety of professionals and individuals in recovery, including William Cope Moyers, who serve to engage and motivate the user as they progress. "The Basics" includes one sober challenge each week for the first seven weeks, "Owning It" for the first five, and "The New You" for the first four.


C. Tools for Tracking Personal Progress and Trends

View your sober stats at any time to monitor the days, hours, minutes, and seconds that you've been in recovery. A user-friendly tool helps you track your biggest obstacles to successful recovery such as stress, anger, and anxiety--and power-ups such as meditation, honesty, and exercise.



D. Community Support Systems and Meeting Finder

Designate key supporters, like your sponsor, to be alerted with the touch of the SOS button to get help now.

E. Relapse Prevention

Learn about preventing relapse and create personalized relapse prevention and response plans to help you stay on track.

*The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology recognized Mobile MORE Field Guide to Life the winner of the 2013 Behavioral Health Patient Empowerment Challenge.

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To purchase the app on your phone, search for "Hazelden" in the App Store and download the Mobile MORE Field Guide to Life, which will include "The Basics." The other two volumes may then be purchased within the app.

Note: App file includes approximately 20 minutes of rich video. Please allow time for download via Wi-Fi.


Organizations interested in providing the Field Guide to Life app to their clients may purchase multiple copies by contacting Hazelden at 888-685-0557.


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