Focus on Trauma

A powerhouse of resources for helping survivors of trauma, this subscription includes evidence-based programs that can help any setting become trauma-informed and deliver treatment in a gender-responsive way. Both extensive and brief interventions are available, complete with implementation guidance and client materials. The client workbooks in the brief interventions are available in both English and Spanish!

     Evidence-Based Programs

Moving from Trauma-Informed to Trauma-Responsive: This training program for organizational change provides program administrators and clinical directors with key resources needed to train staff and make organizational changes to become trauma-responsive. This comprehensive training program involves all staff, ensuring clients are served with a trauma-responsive approach. (95-page facilitator guide, 195 participant handouts, 200 total training video minutes)

Beyond Trauma: An evidence-based, twelve-session curriculum designed to help women and girls recover from the effects of trauma in their lives. It can be used in any setting including outpatient, residential, therapeutic community, criminal justice, and private practice.  (496 - page facilitator guide, 232 - minute facilitator training video, 284 - page participant workbook, 99 - minute participant video that works with the sessions)

Healing Trauma: An evidence-based, gender-responsive, six-session curriculum for women, especially designed for settings in which a short-term intervention is needed. Examples are a community-based program, such as a mental health center; an addiction treatment program; a private practice setting; a correctional facility (jail or prison); and an agency addressing domestic violence.  (202 - page facilitator guide and 90 - page participant workbook, English and Spanish)

Exploring Trauma: A gender-responsive program addressing the trauma experiences of men, this six-session program is designed for working with men in a setting where a short-term intervention is needed.  (204 - page facilitator guide and 98 page participant workbook, English and Spanish)


  • 1,666 pages of facilitator guides and workbooks
  • 531 minutes of video

Focus on Trauma subscribers receive 30% off the print version of participant workbooks!

  • 1-10 clinicians: $799 per year
  • 11-25 clinicians: $1,299 per year
  • 25+ clinicians: request a quote

Subscription includes:

  • All facilitator guides, client sessions, reproducible materials, and videos from the evidence-based program
  • Additional client education resources, including our most popular videos and fact sheets
  • Updates and expansions to content within the subscription, automatically and free of charge

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