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To learn more about COR-12, including ways that you can implement it in your setting, please contact Jenny Fox at 651-213-4689 or email her at:jfox@hazeldenbettyford.org


Product Implementation Training


Training Program Description and Goals

This hands-on, two-day training experience will prepare you to use an evidence-based treatment program for teenagers, young adults and adults with cannabis use disorder.

In this training you will learn to assess for cannabis use disorder and facilitate ten therapeutic sessions. You will have the opportunity to participate in a workshop-style learning experience where you can practice your skills and demonstrate understanding of CANDIS, its evidence-based best practices, principles and program components.

Upon completion of the training, you will be able to:

  1. Describe the goal, structure, and components of the CANDIS program
  2. Identify diagnostic tools recommended to assess the presence and severity of cannabis use disorder
  3. Describe short and long term effects of cannabis
  4. Identify DSM-5 Diagnostic Criteria for cannabis use disorder
  5. Apply evidence-based strategies to increase participant’s motivation to change: Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Problem Solving Training

Day 1 Learning Activities

  • Create a mind map of CANDIS goals, best practices, structure, program scope and sequence
  • Summarize the most important facts about marijuana and cannabis use disorder in a 2-minute PSA
  • Identify which assessment tools would you use in the CANDIS case examples to assess cannabis use.
  • Brainstorm how to facilitate CANDIS Session One with treatment participants
  • Role play facilitation on different CANDIS activities
  • Identify the benefits of using and changing one’s use
  • Knowing your marijuana use
  • Preparing for a target quit date
  • Recall the central elements of Motivational Enhancement Therapy used in CANDIS:
  • Expressing empathy
  • Enhancing the participant’s sense of self-efficacy
  • Being flexible in dealing with resistance
  • Avoiding argumentation
  • Revealing discrepancies

Day 2 Learning Activities

  • Role play facilitation of Triggers of Marijuana Use and Knowing Your Marijuana Use (CANDIS Session 3)
  • Identify how CBT is used in CANDIS to increase self-awareness of problematic cannabis use.
  • Following problem-solving steps of PPS to role play facilitation of ‘Applying this process to real-world problems' (CANDIS Session 7)
  • Design a diagram summarizing CANDIS session titles, session goals, learner goals, activities and evidence-based approaches to treatment
  • Identify benefits, obstacles and goals relevant to implementation of CANDIS in their agency or program
  • Develop an action plan for implementation of CANDIS

For more information, please contact Hazelden Publishing at training@hazeldenbettyford.org or call 800-328-9000.