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Marijuana: A Prevention and Education Toolkit for CommunitiesMarijuana: A Prevention and Education Toolkit for Communities

This comprehensive resource bring together community leaders, health care providers, schools, local businesses, parents, faith leaders, and law enforcement to develop a coordinated, multi-disciplinary plan for addressing marijuana use in their community.

The Marijuana: A Prevention and Education Toolkit for Communities includes a CD-ROM of reproducible resources:

  • Marijuana Basics – provides an overview of marijuana, decriminalization and legalization, history, and more
  • Community Mobilization Guide – provides specific examples of what’s working in other communities, ideas on how to start a community coalition for marijuana awareness, guidelines for creating a regional marijuana awareness media campaign, and additional resources for communities
  • Employers Guide – provides employers and employees with the information they need to proactively address the issue of marijuana in the workplace and to help stakeholders minimize the impact marijuana has on the work environment, save money on the organizational costs associated with employee marijuana use, and assist workers in need of treatment for addiction
  • Health Care Professionals Guide – provides information to effectively address the health concerns associated with marijuana, such as harmful use, addiction, and the medical use of the drug, use the information provided to promote healthy lifestyle choices among patients, identify patients with a cannabis use disorder, assist with prevention of marijuana use among youth, and recommend intervention and treatment options when needed
  • Parents Guide – offers resources to help parents talk about marijuana with their children and includes tips for how to begin the conversation as well as signs of marijuana use
  • School Guide – provides school staff with the information and tools they need to address the issue of marijuana use among youth, tips for talking with youth about marijuana, and signs and symptoms of marijuana use; provides lesson plans that teach the facts about marijuana
  • Policy Guide – puts all of the information you need about marijuana policies in one place, make the information usable, and provide the necessary tools to influence policy change as it occurs
  • Campaign Resources Guide – offers many tools to help you communicate the true risks associated with marijuana use

By the end of this one-day event, participants will be able to:

  • Understand more about marijuana history, current use, and the impact of marijuana on your community
  • Understand decriminalization, legalization, and medical marijuana policies
  • Effectively implement all materials contained in Marijuana: A Prevention and Education Toolkit for Communities, including the DVD, reproducible guides, and campaign resources
  • Involve community leaders who could be part of a local mobilization effort, including people from education, health care, law enforcement, faith, and business sectors
  • Coach your community on how to use youth and adult marijuana lesson plans in schools and community education programs
  • Identify resources for marijuana prevention, intervention, treatment, and recovery management
  • Establish groundwork for a local media campaign using a variety of provided resources
  • Instruct key stakeholders on how to use the included community checklists to assist with mobilization efforts.
  • Develop a comprehensive community-based action plan for addressing marijuana issues
  • Use checklists included in the training to set goals, help identify potential actions, point out gaps in resources, and establish priorities for action.

For more information, please contact Hazelden Publishing at training@hazeldenbettyford.org or call 800-328-9000.