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Registration process questions

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Below are the most frequently asked questions about the registration process.

Why can't I sign in using my Sign-In Name and Password?
What if I have forgotten my Sign-In Name and Password?

We would be happy to re-set your password and to email you a new one. Just click here and enter your registered email address. Your Sign-In name may be your email address.

The re-set password I was sent doesn't work.

If you entered your Sign-In Name in all capital letters, make sure that you do not have the Caps Lock key in place when entering your Password.

How do I know if my registration went through?
What if I did not receive a confirmation email?
How do I change my registration information, such as email or postal address?
How do I subscribe or unsubscribe from mailings?

To subscribe, just click on the link to Sign In toward the top right of the page. Select any of the mail options at the bottom of the registration page.

To unsubscribe,

  1. Click on My Account (top of the screen).
  2. Then click on Preferences (in the blue box on the left side of the screen)
  3. Checkmarks indicate you are signed up to receive these choices. Click on the boxes to add or remove the checkmarks.
  4. When done with your selections, click on Apply to save the changes.
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