William Springborn

Graduated from Hazelden Training Program in 1972; helped start the treatment program at Hibbing Hospital (which celebrated its 25 year anniversary in 1999.) Started as a counselor in January 1973; in May 1973, became a senior counselor; in July 1974, became the program director until June 1986. Then went to West Palm Beach as the director of rehab services to help build staff and start-up program at the new Hanley Hazelden Center at St. Mary's.

Returned to Minnesota in January 1989 and continued writing. Started Back to Basics Publishing in 1993. Has written the following books: Big Book Companion Guide; Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions Study Guide; Step 2: Saying Goodbye to Insanity; Step 3: The Power to Change. Also, Hazelden publishes and distributes Step 1: The Foundation of Recovery, of which 1.4 million copies have been sold.

Serves on various boards: Regional N.E. MN board member to the Ten MN Chem. Dep. Assn. Member of the Regional Review Team for MN Certification of Counselors. In Florida, was the presenter of the FL Summer School of Alcohol and Drug Studies. Was certified in FL and received the National Certification as Alcohol and Drug Program Director.

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