Setting up a business account
Creating an online account for your business or organization provides important benefits:

  • Buy online using a purchase order or a credit card. Please fax a copy of your purchase order (including order confirmation number) to 651-213-4808
  • Receive regular emails with other special offers and savings programs designed for your business needs
  • Be notified of new Hazelden resources and breaking news that may impact your operations
  • As we expand our Web resources, get exclusive access to online resources for our registered users

Registration is simple
Just click "sign in" at the top of the page, then click "register here" underneath the Business Accounts and Tax Exempt section. Now complete your online registration. You can use your new account immediately.

If you place an order the same day as you complete your online registration, you may notice that your name appears as "Hazelden Temporary Business Account." This is simply a placeholder while we authenticate your online registration and it will not affect your order processing. When you return to your account for future orders, you will find your profile updated.

Ordering with an invoice?
Fax a copy of your purchase order for each order (including order confirmation number) to 651-213-4808.

Have a tax exempt order?
Fax a copy of your tax exemption certificate to 651-213-4808 (include order confirmation number) with your first order. Tax will be calculated on your preliminary order, but will be corrected on your final invoice.