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Evidence-Based, Integrated Care for Clients
Living with Substance Use and Mental Health Disorders

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I've purchased the Co-occurring Disorders Program. Why do I need specific training?

Evaluating the unique needs of every client you serve—and effectively treating them with a whole-person approach—starts with evidence-based treatment services. During our interactive Co-occurring Disorders Program training, we will walk you through the materials, preparing you to implement the proven-effective treatment.

Ideal for both substance use and mental health disorder treatment, these integrated care strategies equip you to provide the best possible treatment outcomes for clients living with co-occurring disorders. This program paired with training will further help you:

Training Objectives

  • Define and differentiate between sequential, parallel and integrated treatment for co-occurring disorders
  • Recognize the value of addressing presenting concerns in an integrated manner
  • Discuss key elements impacting a program's ability to address co-occurring disorders
  • Outline core components of the Co-occurring Disorders Program
  • Demonstrate delivery of key sections within the program

I haven't purchased the Co-occurring Disorders Program. What is it?
Hazelden's best-selling program for addressing and treating co-occurring disorders is extremely flexible and easy to implement. Each piece of the Co-occurring Disorders Program can be used effectively as a stand-alone program. However, when the five components are used in conjunction with each other, they provide a proven effective treatment protocol for your team.

With a beautiful new design, updated titles that help you immediately find what you need and reduced prices, this evidence-based program addresses issues that directly impact clients living with a substance use disorder and nonsevere mental illness.

  • Manualize the most current research and field-tested practices available
  • Provide everyone on your treatment team with the same tools at the same time
  • Help create a shared, respectful partnership with clients when developing a treatment plan

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Thank you for your interest in the Co-Occurring Disorders Program training. Even more, thank you for your commitment to helping your clients. To learn more about the training and customization options, please fill out the form and a Hazelden Betty Ford representative will contact you shortly.