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Facilitator guide books

Facilitator guide books

Close the Gap Early & Long-Term Recovery Gap with Evidence-Based Programming

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Why Combine My Ongoing Recovery Experience and Living Skills?

Bridge the gap between those first few months of early recovery and successfully long-term recovery with two of our top-rated evidence-based treatment programs. This training is expertly designed to combine core education, guidance and skill-building activities to encourage self-managed, sustained recovery for your clients.

Training Objectives

Learn how to take the evidence-based theories in Living Skills and MORE and apply them practically in your programming.

Living Skills Curriculum

  • Define options for delivery of the evidence-based Living Skills program.
  • Describe the content and framework of the Living Skills curriculum.
  • Discuss how the Living Skills curriculum can assist in developing lifestyle practices that support lasting changes and promote recovery.
  • Practice application of the curriculum within a multiple pathways approach.

MORE Program

  • Describe content of the MORE program and the flexibility of delivery of the lessons.
  • Define how MORE can assist in developing lifestyle practices that support lasting changes in recovery.
  • Discuss ways to apply the MORE program within a multiple pathways approach.
  • Practice application of the program in a small group framework.

Call 1-800-328-9000 to learn more about custom training options.

What are MORE and Living Skills?

MORE is an award-winning, evidence-based online program created by the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation to support program participants in the critical months after treatment and move them toward effective self-management. This program is an essential resource for health care professionals, and it effectively helps participants transition back to a home living environment after being in a highly structured treatment setting.

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Living Skills is a unique program which provides treatment to help clients manage the day-to-day challenges of life. Lacking certain skills can profoundly affect a person's course of employment, finances, relationships and general outlook. Hazelden Publishing's Living Skills examines 12 basic skills that many people take for granted.

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Thank you for your interest in the MORE and Living Skills program training. Even more, thank you for your commitment to helping foster recovery in your community. To learn more about the training and customization options, please fill out the form and a Hazelden Betty Ford representative will contact you shortly.