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The Matrix Model

An Evidence-Based Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program for Alcohol and Drugs, Proven Effective in the Treatment of Methamphetamine Addiction

The Matrix Model The Matrix Model For Ciminal Justice
The Matrix Model for Teens and Young Adults

What it is

It's a proven effective, evidence-based protocol that has been used in the treatment of over 6,000 cocaine and 2,500 methamphetamine addicts... more

Why it works

It's an optimum length--16 weeks--for intensive outpatient treatment. Opportunity for successful outcome is increased when client has a protracted engagement in treatment plan ... more

How it helps clients

Its instructional design helps clients understand complex cognitive-behavioral and clinical concepts and processes such as "the wall" of protracted abstinence ... more

How it helps you

It's normed on the specific needs of stimulant addicts and has been proven effective in the treatment of methamphetamine addicts ... more


The Matrix Model Revised and Expanded

This evidence-based, flexible Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) for alcohol and drug treatment works for people between the ages of 13 to 25. It uses cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), and motivational interviewing (MI) to teach patients to analyze events and change thoughts, behaviors, and lifestyle related to alcohol and other drug use.


The Matrix Model for Teens and Young Adults Revised and Expanded

This intensive outpatient treatment curriculum for teens and young adults is adapted from the evidence-based Matrix Model.


The Matrix Model for Criminal Justice Settings

This program is based on the Matrix Model. It provides offenders with substance use disorders the knowledge and support to abstain from substance use and criminal behavior and start a long-term program of recovery and prosocial life.  It is intended for programs treating offenders and mandated populations, such as drug courts, re-entry programs, jail populations, DUI programs, prison treatment programs, court programs, and outpatient programs for these groups.