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CHAT is your powerful online solution for behavioral health assessment, treatment planning, and data management. For Clients ages 13-18


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CHAT (Comprehensive Health Assessment for Teens) is a webbased interactive behavioral health assessment tool specifically designed for use with adolescent clients, ages 13–18. Delivered via a secure website, CHAT does not require assistance by your staff for clients to complete. Because the assessment is taken electronically, multiple clients can complete CHAT simulatneously at your facility or even remotely. What’s more, scoring is automated—your staff does not need to perform the time-consuming task of hand-scoring assessments.

By administering this important treatment planning tool online, your staff now have the time to meet with family members of clients and other members of the treatment team and can work with adolescents regarding outcomes immediately after the assessment is complete. With CHAT, clinical staff can save up to three hours* of the time needed to capture the equivalent amount of data found in traditional assessment tools. This time savings directly translates to cost savings for your facility.

This unique program possesses key features that are currently lacking in other adolescent assessment instruments:

  • Takes a developmental approach that emphasizes the varying needs of young people
  • Assesses problem areas as well as strengths, creating a comprehensive portrait necessary for guiding treatment
  • Keeps youth engaged through the use of interactive multimedia


Key Components

Clients complete an online, interactive interview to assess 12 domain areas: alcohol use, drug use, tobacco use, psychological health, family relationships, peer relationships, physical health, romantic relationships, school issues, work issues, legal issues, and recreational activities. Once the interview is complete, scoring is automated and immediate and a variety of reports are generated.

Interview data is organized into reports for systematic treatment planning, client placement, referrals, and outcome measurement.

  • Narrative Report—graphic representation of the client's response to each of the 12 domains assessed. This is an ideal tool to show adolescent clients how they scored in each of the domain areas and gather additional information about their answers.
  • Brief Summary Report--visual representation of problem areas and severity with brief narrative paragraphs of supporting detail.
  • Client Placement Worksheet--interview data is populated within the six dimensions of the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) Patient Placement Criteria.

Custom Analytics Available
HIPAA-compliant, anonymous data is automatically uploaded, allowing you to:

  • Compare data across various sites within your organization and national benchmarks
  • Monitor progress and outcomes
  • Gather real-time data for planning, program development, and grant submissions

An analytical Overview allows you to view a snapshot of client demographics, including age, race, gender, and whether the client has been in a controlled environment in the past 30 days.
Custom analytics for CHAT are available at an additional cost.

The Benefits of Choosing CHAT

CHAT Benefits

Pricing and Ordering Information
For only $8.00 per interview*, CHAT includes:

  • automatic, web-enabled upgrades
  • ability to use on multiple computers
  • access to the ASI-MV (Addiction Severity Index– Multimedia Version). Contact Hazelden for additional information about ASI-MV

To learn how you can bring this indispensible web-based assessment program to your organization, contact Hazelden today at 800-328-9000!


*Minimum of 50 interviews. Contact Hazelden to inquire about pricing for large system or state implementations or for consultation on custom reporting.