ASI-MV is your powerful online solution for behavioral health assessment, treatment planning, and data management. For adult clients


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Benefits of Choosing ASI-MV

Three Key Components of ASI-MV

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ASI-MV (Addiction Severity Index-Multimedia Version) is the electronic version of the traditional paper- and pencil-administered ASI.

The BHI-MV (Behavioral Health Index-Multimedia Version) is an on-line, client self-administered comprehensive behavioral health assessment tool which provides an overview of the client's functioning in multiple key life domains. Using the evidenced-based Addiction Severity Index-Multimedia Version (ASI-MV) as its core, the BHI-MV includes questions focusing on broader mental health issues, tobacco, gambling, and CARF and Joint Commission recommendations.

Domains from the ASI-MV:
• Medical
• Employment
• Alcohol    
• Drug
• Legal
• Family
• Psychological
Additional content BHI-MV
• Eating Disorders
• Trauma
• Self-harm
• Violence
• Tobacco
• Gambling
• Military Status
• Snap Survey

Delivered via a secure website, both BHI-MV and ASI-MV do not require assistance by your staff for clients to complete. Because the assessment is taken electronically, multiple clients can complete an assessment at your facility or even remotely. What's more, scoring is automated – your staff does not need to perform the time consuming task of hand scoring assessments.

By administering this important treatment planning tool online, your staff now has the time to meet with family members of clients and other members of the treatment team and can work with clients regarding outcomes immediately after the assessment is complete. Clinical staff can save up to three hours of the time needed to capture the equivalent amount of data found in traditional tools. This time savings directly translates into cost savings for your facility.

BHI-MV and ASI-MV makes it easy for clinicians to gather data for:

  • Diagnosis documentation
  • Treatment planning
  • Client placement
  • Referrals
  • Outcome measurement
  • Quality assurance

Proven reliable and valid in clinical studies, BHI-MV and ASI-MV saves time and money while ensuring quality and standardization of care, giving you the data outcomes necessary to gain insight into the unique needs, trends, and outcomes of your client population.

The Benefits of Choosing ASI-MV and BHI-MV

ASI-MV and BHI-MV Traditional ASI
Client-administered computerized assessment – clients complete the assessment on their own, either in a clinical setting or remotely Assessment requires a trained interviewer to administer
Efficient and cost-effective – clinicians realize up to three hours in time savings, thus allowing clinicians to see more clients Time consuming and expensive
Standardized assessments and assessment process is presented to each client in the exact same way, every time Difficult, if not impossible, to deliver in a consistent and standardized manner
Automated scoring and access to data – detailed reports are generated immediately after completion Scoring is done manually; detailed reports are not available

Three Key Components

1. Interview
Clients complete an online, interactive interview to assess seven domain areas: medical, employment, alcohol, drugs, legal, family/social, and psychiatric. Once the interview is complete, scoring is automated and immediate, and a number of reports are generated.

2. Reports
Interview data is organized into reports for systematic treatment planning, client placement, referrals, and outcome measurement:

  • Narrative Report—graphic representation of the client's response to each of the seven domains assessed. This is an ideal tool to show clients how they scored in each of the domain areas and gather additional information about their answers.
  • Client Placement Worksheet--interview data is populated within the six dimensions of the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) Patient Placement Criteria.
  • Treatment Planning Tool--summarizes the data across the seven domains. Information is displayed in an easy-to-navigate report.
  • Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Summary--indicates whether the client is a victim of abuse.
  • Brief Screening Summary

Click here to download a sample BHI-MV narrative report (PDF)
Click here to download a sample ASI-MV narrative report (PDF)

3. Analytics
The analytical data provided by ASI-MV enables you to easily gather real-time data for planning, program development, and grant submissions; compare information across various sites within your organization as well as national benchmarks; and monitor client progress and outcomes.
Two analytical views are included:

  • Overview allows you to view a snapshot of client demographics, including age, race, gender, and whether the client has been in a controlled environment in the past 30 days.
  • Quick Look provides a broad overview of your client population by presenting commonly requested data, including score averages for each domain.

Pricing and Ordering Information
For only $8.00 per interview*, ASI-MV or BHI-MV includes:

  • ASI-MV interviews in both English and Spanish
  • BHI-MV interviews in English
  • Automatic, web-enabled upgrades
  • Ability to use on multiple computers
  • Access to the Comprehensive Health Assessment for Teens (CHAT).

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*Minimum of 50 interviews. Contact Hazelden to inquire about pricing for large system or state implementations or for consultation on custom reporting.