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Melody Beattie is one of America's most beloved self-help authors and is a household name in addiction and recovery circles.

Melody Beattie


Introducing the Codependency Collection by Melody Beattie

“Melody Beattie is an American phenomenon…She understands being overboard, which helps her throw best-selling lifelines to those still adrift.”


Beyond Codependency

Beyond Codependency
For those learning to live free of the grip of someone else’s problems, Beattie’s top-selling Beyond Codependency offers guidance and insight on mastering the art of self-care. In simple, straightforward terms, Beattie helps readers navigate the territory beyond codependency, in the realm of self-love and emotional maturity. With personal stories, hard-won insights, and activities, she teaches readers to deal with shame, grow in self-esteem, overcome deprivation, and get beyond fatal attractions to find relationships that work.

The Language of Letting Go

The Language of Letting Go
In this best-selling meditation book, Beattie evolves the experiences and expertise that she boldly shared in Codependent No More into 366 moving reflections and prayers that guide readers through each day of the year. Beattie’s wise and intimate meditations remind readers that the best way to heal and grow is to take responsibility for their own pain and self-care.

More Language of Letting Go

More Language of Letting Go
In her characteristically direct, unsentimental style, Beattie distills compassionate insights on how best to nurture spiritual and emotional connections. Here she offers a fresh set of 366 profound and beautifully articulated thoughts, one for each day of the year, on topics ranging from trust in the future to the art of gratitude. All are components of Beattie’s overarching theme: letting go of codependent tendencies and cultivating healthy, balanced relationships.

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Our apps based on More Language of Letting Go and The Language of Letting Go, the popular best-sellers by Melody Beattie, help you apply the principles from her books into your daily life.

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