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The Matrix Model - family of products

Intensive Outpatient Alcohol and Drug Treatment:
A 16-week Individualized Program

Authors: Jeanne L. Obert, M.F.T., M.S.M., Richard Rawson, Ph.D , Micheal J McCann, M.A., Walter Ling, M.D.

Over 2,500 methamphetamine addicts have been treated with The Matrix Model. The Matrix Model is an evidence-based outpatient treatment program with over 20 years of research and development. It is proven effective in the treatment of methamphetamine addicts. It was recently tested in the CSAT Methamphetamine Project. Development of The Matrix Model was funded in part by NIDA and evaluation was funded in part by SAMHSA/CSAT. The comprehensive, multiformat program covers six key clinical areas: individual/conjoint therapy, early recovery, relapse prevention, family education, social support, and urine testing.

The Matrix Model comes with a therapist's manual, reproducible client handouts (also on CD), stickers for tracking alcohol- and drug-free days, and a research CD. It also includes a 12-week family education component with lecture notes and handouts and three DVDs or videocassettes. All components except DVDs/videocassettes are packaged in a three-ring binder.
Item 7596 - The Matrix Model Revised and Expanded


The Matrix Model for Criminal Justice Settings
This program is based on the Matrix Model.  
It provides offenders with substance use disorders the knowledge and support to abstain from substance use and criminal behavior and start a long-term program of recovery and prosocial life.  It is intended for programs treating offenders and mandated populations, such as drug courts, re-entry programs, jail populations, DUI programs, prison treatment programs, court programs, and outpatient programs for these groups.


The Matrix Model for Teens and Young Adults is an Intensive Outpatient Alcohol and Drug Treatment Program

The complete 16-week individualized program includes:

  • a comprehensive, evidence based therapist manual
  • reproducible patient handouts in print and on CD-ROM
  • the 12-week Matrix Model Family Program
  • three lecture videos: Road Map for Recovery, Triggers and Cravings, and Families in Recovery
  • calendar stickers to help clients track their sobriety
  • medallions to commemorate successful program completion

Related products

A Clinician's Guide to Methamphetamine
Developed from Matrix Institute and UCLA's Integrated Substance Abuse Program
Authors: Richard Rawson, Ph.D , Jeanne L. Obert, M.F.T., M.S.M, Michael J McCann, M.A., Patricia Marinelli-Casey, Ph.D.

This NAADAC-approved manual includes a posttest worth eight CE hours upon successful completion.* A Clinician's Guide to Methamphetamine presents essential information in an approachable style, gathered by leading researchers in the field over the past 20 years. Chapter topics include the basics about meth, clinical challenges, the stages of recovery, assessment, and meth's effects on adolescents and children. (Item 7371)

* Hazelden Publishing and Educational Services is a NAADAC-approved provider (program #000381).

Recommended videos

The Matrix Model uses videos as teaching tools in both individual and conjoint (family) sessions. We recommend the following Hazelden videos to meet this need; however, other videos covering these subjects can also be used. Save when you buy all six-discounts also available if you already own one or more. Call your sales representative for best pricing.

The Science of Methamphetamine: An Informed Recovery

DVD, 30 min. cc, includes Facilitator's Guide
Richard A. Rawson, Ph.D., examines the biology of methamphetamine addiction and the process of recovery.
Item 7957 - DVD version

Stages of Family Recovery

DVD, 36 min. cc, English & Spanish are included, also includes Facilitator's Guide
For families, the pain of living with a loved one's addiction can lead to shame, secrecy, and isolation. Stages of Family Recovery is an encouraging, empowering video that lets families know they're not alone- and that recovery is possible. Teens, parents, and grandparents share stories of despair and hope, helplessness and optimism. Clinical insights from Stephanie Brown, Ph.D., help families progress through stages of recovery.
Item 7958 - DVD version

Drugs of Abuse Set

Item 4418 - DVD CD-ROM