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Teen Matrix Model - training information

Do I need to take training?

Training conducted by the Matrix Institute is recommended. Fidelity of implementation of the Teen Matrix Model is vital to attaining effective outcomes. The Matrix Institute has held trainings in Sweden, Thailand, Netherlands, Israel, South Africa, and Korea.

With the help of trainers from Hazelden and the Matrix Institute, you can:

  • Learn how the matrix Model differs from other substance abuse treatment models
  • Understand the benefits of a manualized program that integrates numerous therapies
  • Learn about recent findings regarding psychosocial interventions proven useful in treating meth abusers
  • Study effective implementation strategies
  • Network with professionals in the field
  • Customize a treatment program to you specific client population

Open Enrollment Trainings are available:

Key - Supervisor Training

Two-Day Clinical Training

To learn more visit the Matrix Institute online, or call 800-310-7700.