Writing Can Help You Heal. Sharing Can Help Others Heal.

At the intersection of sexual trauma and addiction, we know we are stronger together. We seek connection. We pursue change. Our recovery is complicated. But so are we. And these are our stories.

If you are a survivor of sexual trauma who is in recovery, we invite you to share your story and take part in a Hazelden Publishing initiative, How We Heal. Find out how you can get involved.

Share Your Story

About How We Heal

Hazelden Publishing is home to the daily meditation books that have helped so many find calm and strength during their recovery journey.

Through the How We Heal project, we are building a community of survivors of sexual trauma, who are in recovery from addiction.

Whether you are ready to share or ready to listen, we cherish you, we support you and we welcome you.

When You're Ready

Let in the light. Reclaim your voice. Let your story be heard.

To get started, you need to:
  • Be a survivor (thriver!) of sexual trauma and in recovery from addiction.
  • Have a meditation to contribute. (Remember, you don't need to be an author—we expect vulnerability, not perfection.)
  • Contribute a meditation that is a minimum of 150 words. Your daily intention statement should be approximately 25 words.

Start Writing

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Based on Writing to Heal: Sexual Trauma, Recovery and the Healing Power of Words—a webinar by the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, in partnership with best-selling author, Jennifer Storm. This workbook includes:
  • Lessons on why we write to heal and how to do it
  • Exercise and template for journaling and continued practice
  • Resources to learn more about healing writing

Ways to Help

Our community is one of support, connection, courage and strength.

Help your healing journey and give hope to others by sharing your own meditation.

Learn how to write a meditation now

At the intersection of sexual trauma and addiction, our stories are unique and so are you. Choose the option that's right for you.

Share with someone you know
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Collaborate with us
Contact us at dwagner@hazeldenbettyford.org

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How We Heal is both a community and the title of an upcoming publication for survivors of sexual trauma, healing from addiction and on the road to recovery.

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Need Help?

If you are someone who has yet to find healing and hope, we encourage you to reach out. Here are some resources if you want to start your recovery journey.

Get Help at Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation

Learn About Trauma-Informed Care

Some of us are already on this path. We can help others along the way, by sharing our experiences, strength, and hope. By finding and giving inspiration.