What's really happening in your community with young people and substance use? It's the question that creates stumbling blocks for many people searching for effective substance misuse prevention solutions.

The individual, family and communal risk factors, the actual substance use currently happening, the risk perception tied to specific substances—they're all key components as you work towards creating a comprehensive prevention plan. Hazelden Betty Ford's experts are here to help you accurately assess what's happening in your community and create an effective just-for-your-community plan by:

  • Getting a realistic and timely idea of what's really going on with substance use in your community
  • Evaluating current prevention initiative outcomes
  • Tailoring assessments and surveys for youth and adults
  • Create awareness of risk/protective factors
  • Identifying risk/protective factors and recommending custom programming
Prevention Assessment

Our custom, qualitative instrument evaluates your community's prevention efforts and initiatives. The process involves your whole-school community, including school leadership and administration, faculty, staff, coaches, parents/guardians and students.

Student Attitudes and Behavior Survey

Appropriate for students in grades 6-12, our completely anonymized 50-question survey will help your school community identify where you have protective factors to nurture, risk factors to address and unhealthy behaviors to change.

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