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Hazelden's Co-occurring Disorders Program (CDP)

Now at a new and extremely attractive price!
Hazelden's bestselling program for addressing and treating cooccurring disorders is now better than ever!
With a beautiful new design, new titles that help you immediately find what you need, and reduced prices, this evidence-based program addresses issues that directly impact clients living with a substance use disorder and nonsevere mental illness.

CDP is still extremely flexible and very easy to implement. Each piece of CDP can be used effectively as a stand-alone program. However, when the five components are used in conjunction with each other, they provide a proven-effective treatment protocol for your team.

About CDP

  • Manualizes the most current research and field-tested practices available
  • Provides everyone on your treatment team with the same tools at the same time
  • Helps create a shared, respectful partnership with clients when developing a treatment plan

Use each component of CDP on its own or together as part of a system of care.

Screening and Assessment for People with Co-occurring Disorders
This tool offers an effective, protocol-driven evaluation method so that appropriate treatment options can be
addressed with regard to each client's symptoms, disorders, and motivation to change.
7679 / $105.00

Integrating Combined Therapies for People with Co-occurring Disorders
Motivational Enhancement Therapy, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, and Twelve Step Facilitation
This curriculum provides the background, guidance, and skills needed to combine the evidence-based practices of motivational enhancement, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and Twelve Step Facilitation.
7680 / $169.00

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for People with Co-occurring Disorders
Ensure Fidelity of ProgramAs professionals work through the eight program modules, clients
develop the knowledge and skills to continue practicing evidence-based CBT techniques on their own.
7681 / $120.00

A Leader's Guide to Implementing Integrated Services for People with Co-occurring Disorders
This guidebook gives your agency's key stakeholders the tools to assess organizational effectiveness.
7678 / $49.00 Softcover, 192 pp.

A Guide for Living with Co-occurring Disorders: Help and Hope for Clients and Their Families
This video explores the most effective treatments for co-occurring
disorders through expert interviews.
7677 / $129.00
OD7677 / $225.00  (coming soon)

Medication Management for People with Co-occurring Disorders
This two-part reference tool contains vital, current information
about the complex issues of medication management, addressing
differential diagnosis, timing, indications, monitoring, dosage, tolerance, and more.
7682 / $105.00

Family Program: Education, Skills, and Therapy for Families of People with Co-occurring Disorders
Teach families about the nature and treatment of co-occurring
disorders. Single-family sessions orient people to a loved one's
specific psychiatric disorder. Multiple-family sessions run in a
rotating cycle, allowing new families to join at any point.
7683 / $189.00

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All CDP components for ONLY $829.00
7684 / $829.00 Includes five curricula, a DVD, and A Leader's Guide to Implementing Integrated Services. Many of the curricula include a clinician's guide, as well as reproducible patient handouts, and clinician forms.