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Teen Intervene

Teen Intervene third edition provides customers with an easily administered,
low-cost SBIRT program that helps teens self-identify a substance use disorder,
provides a brief plan for intervention, and guides the referral to treatment.

By engaging both the teen and the parents in this three or four-session model,
Teen Intervene is a unique comprehensive program created specifically to drive
adolescent engagement and produce positive outcomes.

Teen Intervene includes a specific focus on alcohol, marijuana, and tobacco use
and is proven to reduce the use of both alcohol and marijuana when measured at
six and twelve months past intervention.

Where is Teen Intervene Effective?

  • Youth counseling / mental health providers
  • Community based health centers
  • Youth treatment centers
  • Adolescent medicine / pediatricians
  • Juvenile justice
  • Middle and high schools
  • School based health centers

Why Teen Intervene?

  • NREPP listed
  • DSM-5 - compliant
  • Teen-Intervene meets the requirements of CPT codes that will provide reimbursement for intervention services:
    • This type of brief therapy is reimbursable using the CPT codes 99408 and 99409.
    • Treatment centers can also get reimbursed for providing brief therapy for tobacco use using CPT code 99407.
  • As a bonus, Teen Intervene includes Youth and Drugs of Abuse, which
    features first-hand video accounts of youth discussing consequences from
    their drug use. CRAFFT – The screening tool used for Teen Intervene
  • Specific focus on most common drugs: Alcohol, Tobacco and Marijuana
  • Based on three mental health models: Motivational interviewing, Stages of change, Cognitive-behavioral


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What is Teen Intervene?
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Teen Intervene Works

"Our school district adopted Teen Intervene as an early intervention program for [secondary] students with drug and alcohol-related school discipline issues. In the first year, 100 percent of the students who participated in Teen Intervene had zero repeat drug or alcohol infractions"

Jen McNeil
Prevention & Crisis Manager
Davis Joint Unified School District, CA

"Teen Intervene presents a straightforward program that we use to help many identify a greater understanding of their use and consequences. The vast information is educational for teens, parents, or professionals. It builds to a solution-focused quest that compels the teen to be his or her own change agent."

Ramsen Kasha
Executive Director of Hazelden Betty Ford in Chicago