Cultivate a Culture of Prevention & Create a Community of Healthy Youth

To kickstart a substance use prevention plan in your community you don't need to have a specialized background in prevention, intervention or treatment. All you need is a goal to empower young people to live their healthiest, happiest lives.

By partnering with schools, community organizations, hospitals and more, you can build successful prevention solutions by starting early and getting ahead of substance misuse issues.

Knowledge Empowers Prevention

At Hazelden Betty Ford, we believe knowledge is power, especially when teaching young people the truth about alcohol, tobacco and other substances. Our proven programs and curricula give you, your community and your youth just that—the knowledge to empower young people to live happier, healthier lives. And through community education, everyone is participating, everyone is hearing the same messaging and everyone is asking that critical question, "What can I do?"

Here are just a few of our comprehensive, prevention programs:

Teen Intervene
Teen Intervene is designed for young people ages 12-19 who display early stages of substance use problems. Tested and evidence-based, this is ideal for education, mental health, youth treatment and juvenile justice settings. Now includes nicotine and vaping module.

What Teens Need to Know: Addictive Substances
What Teens Need to Know: Addictive Substances is an evidence-based, flexible program that empowers prevention, intervention and treatment for those working with youth. Presenters do not need a specialized background in prevention, intervention or treatment in order to facilitate.

Prevention Assessment
Our custom, qualitative instrument evaluates your community's prevention efforts and initiatives. The process involves your whole-school community, including school leadership and administration, faculty, staff, coaches, parents/guardians and students.

Top Secret Project
This immersive substance misuse prevention experience is designed to help parents and caregivers uncover some of the more elusive mysteries of teen lives. During the 90-minute program, a Hazelden Betty Ford prevention specialist guides parents and caregivers through a virtual teen bedroom.

Early Intervention Health Systems Training
Learn how to identify problematic substance use behavior in young people before it becomes a longer-term substance use disorder. This training process helps you respond to substance use-related concerns in a proven-effective manner.

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