Create a Culture of Mental, Emotional and Physical Safety for More Resilient Youth

Surrounding many mentally resilient, healthy young people are communities focused on their mental health and overall well-being. Parents, caregivers, teachers, healthcare providers, community leaders—all coming together to foster a climate where adolescents and young adults feel empowered and prepared to handle the unforeseen challenges that cross their paths.

Strengthening and Protecting Young People

The opportunity to strengthen and protect young people begins with mental health and well-being measures. At the core of Hazelden Betty Ford's mission to help more communities navigate those measures are evidence-based programs, curricula, services and resources. By focusing on risk and protective factors unique to your community, we have the opportunity to support youth and their mental health and decrease negative outcomes, including suicide.

Complete Hazelden Lifelines® Trilogy
The complete Hazelden Lifelines Trilogy is a unique collection of three programs that address the important topic of youth suicide: from prevention to intervention to response. It includes today's best practices, and topics and language that reflect today's youth culture.

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