Adults in Treament

Engage adult clients in an effective way by sharing information about addiction basics through these videos. This collection focuses on addiction, drugs, Twelve Step groups, treatment for specific populations such as women, men, older adults and much more.

     Videos and Fact Sheets

Medical Aspects of Substance Use Disorders: Educational video that provides information on the neurobiology of addiction, or how alcohol and other drugs affect the brain and central nervous system. Using the simplest terms, this video explains why, because of changes in brain chemistry, it is so difficult to overcome a severe substance use disorder. (25 minutes video and two sets of client fact sheets)

Discover the 12 Steps: Real men and women in recovery discuss how working a Twelve Step program has helped them in their recovery journey. Here, viewers will learn: What a Twelve Step group is, How to find a home group, What happens during a Twelve Step meeting, What to expect at the first meeting, and How to find a sponsor. (62 minutes of video with 22 pages of client materials)

Drugs of Abuse: Treatment and Recovery: Specific drugs discussed include alcohol, nicotine, marijuana, heroin, cocaine, synthetic marijuana, inhalants, prescription drugs, and more. Drugs of Abuse demonstrates the progression of drug abuse to recovery management, from residential treatment sites to outpatient treatment options and sober living. (90 minutes of video with 23 pages of client materials)

Myths of Addiction: Debunks commonly held myths and misconceptions about the nature and treatment of addiction. (28 minute video)

Introduction to Twelve Step Groups: Encourages viewers to "keep coming back": to try a Twelve Step meeting and continue attending until they find a group that works for them. (23 minute video, facilitator guide and worksheets)

The Science of Meth:  Separates the facts from fiction about meth treatment through the words of men and women who have experienced meth addiction. (30 minute video and facilitator guide)

Restless, Irritable and Discontented:  Through personal stories, this video examines the attitudes and behaviors that warn of relapse. (18 minute video)

Men in Recovery:  Features a men's group candidly discussing topics that may hold men back from progressing in recovery: rage, a fear of commitment, the tendency to isolate and others. (30 minute video, facilitator guide and client materials)

Women in Recovery:  Women talk about how they keep their recovery strong and what they have learned about trust, faith, action and friendship along the way. (23 minute video)

Older Adults in Recovery:  Real-life stories of several individuals who went through treatment late in life with important messages about keeping recovery alive. (26 minute video)



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